iPod Boy, kid gets a new nickname

Posted on 02 March 2015

A boy with an iPod surgically inserted into his arm has suffered terrible injuries when it overheated in the Humid Sydney Summer.

Just kidding the story is in fact a lot less about iPod’s and a lot more about a nine year old Sydney kid walking through a glass door.

The story doesn’t mention what model the iPod was if it had video that he was possibly watching. He is now thankfully in a stable condition :>.

Although we are still a bit puzzled what this has to do with a mutant iPod Boy maybe it’s a new ad campaign Can’t remember where your glass door is? there’s an app for that or maybe they meant Mutant drug dealing rapper?

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Mac, OSX, Wallpapers

10 bright, clean and sharp Apple Wallpapers

Posted on 01 March 2015


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SenseApp, Google Adsense on your iPhone

Posted on 27 February 2015

Seriously cool display of your Adsense earnings on the move. A must have for those making money on Adsense. Supports channels, view by day and storing history on the iPhone for when your sailing in and out of reception.

All data is SSL encrypted so it will keep your account secure.



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13 iPhone Space Wallpapers

Posted on 26 February 2015

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Head over to the apple store for some great refurbished deals.

Posted on 23 February 2015

Like this MacBook only $949.00.

Refurbished MacBook 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo – Aluminum

13.3-inch 1280-by-800 pixel LED-backlit display
2GB memory
160GB hard drive
8x SuperDrive (DVD±R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)
Built-in iSight camera
Standard keyboard

Remember all refurbished Apple products are fully tested and include a 1 year warranty, spiffy!

Certified Refurbished Apple Range

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Free Yelp app and virtual reality easter egg

Posted on 21 February 2015

Check out the Yelp app from Apple Store, its available free.

Based on the popular review site it allows users to view bar, restaurant etc ratings using their camera and the direction it is pointing.

It is released as a hidden easter egg as the feature is not yet officially supported by Apple.

Jen from Mashable explains.

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Ultimate list of Apple Photoshop resources for designers

Posted on 20 February 2015

Apple remote by *Bobbyperux

3 Icons + PSD


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