iPhone and Google Voice

Posted on 19 August 2016 by Couchy

Apple is all about the latest coolest tech gear, yet they also veto some great things that could make our iPhone more useful in the name of protecting their customers experience.

The Google voice saga so far:

  1. Google submits app to Apple.
  2. Apple does not publish app. Removes related third party apps. No reasons given.
  3. Speculation AT&T had a hand in blocking the app.
  4. FCC issues questions to Apple over decision not to publish and AT&T’s role if any.
  5. Apple claims hasn’t being rejected is still being reviewed, they are trying to understand exactly what it does. AT&T puts up a similar smoke screen.
  6. Apples official response. AT&T’s official response. Googles official response.

Will be interesting to see what unfolds, likely Apple will eventually allow the app in some form. I doubt AT&T vetoed the app but i’m sure Apple had them in mind when they knocked it back, making the actual point of who exactly said what rather irrelevant in the eyes of the FCC. They inquire into the relationship “Are there any contractual conditions or non-contractual understandings with AT&T that affected Apple’s decision in this matter?”

It’s an interesting argument just because you make the hardware should you be allowed to dictate everything that can run on it. Modchippers and those who jail break their iPhones obviously think they should be able to run whatever they want on the device they have bought, I tend to agree and the law in most countries allows for modchips in this regard.

It’s rather ironic in Apples reply that they throw in a jibe at Google/Android based phones “Google is of course free to provide…..” we probably don’t need something so obivious thrown out there the enquiry is into why Apple is blocking it not other options for Google to distribute. The end of the statement is even more puzzling “and let consumers make their choices.” Did they miss the whole point? Consumers can’t make a choice because you are blocking this app from your marketplace. Or more specifically consumers have a choice on what phone to choose, but once they are on our platform then they follow our rules, use our network and don’t bypass our carriers revenue stream (ok maybe a bit much but you can read into it quite a bit).

“Apple does not know if there is a VoIP element in the way the Google Voice application routes calls and messages” wouldn’t it be a good idea to kind of find out before you firstly block the app and secondly reply to the FCC about blocking that app!

Will be interesting to see what unfolds will keep you all posted. Are you happy about not being able to choose what apps you run on your iPhone?

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9 Comments For This Post

  1. ronald Says:

    I want to know when we will have the choice ?

  2. Couchy Says:

    The only choice that can be seen any time soon is to root your iPhone. It’s unlikely it will become an open system unless the market demands it.

  3. Greg Waters Says:

    The iphone is still on my shopping list. I wish the price would go down a bit so I could afford one.

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